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The right to bear arms is part of the foundation our great nation was built on. This important right is guaranteed by the 2nd amendment in the Bill of Rights, and there is a strong argument to be made that the 2nd amendment is what made the entire United States Constitution possible. While the first amendment guarantees the American populace the right to freedom of speech, that famous amendment and others only came to fruition thanks to the nation’s ability to form a militia and defend itself. Otherwise, our forefathers would have been forced to submit and relinquish this valuable declaration.

The right to bear arms is a heavy burden indeed, upheld by noble patriots from the very birth of our country. It lends direct support to our individual freedoms and was originally designed to allow people to play a hand in defending their freedom.

These words are often twisted by naysayers, stating our nation has outgrown this basic right. Some argue that if arms were removed from the public, crime rates would severely decrease. The main problem with this flawed argument is that unlawful use of weapons would remain in effect, regardless of the legality of owning personal firearms.

Plainly stated, those who choose to misuse firearms are not a detriment to this inalienable right. They are responsible for their actions and the whole of the nation should not be judged or punished due to their mistreatment of civil liberties. The overwhelming majority of gun owners are responsible users, who simply enjoy hunting, collecting guns or want to know they can defend their family should an unforeseen incident arise.

Declaring that the second amendment has outlived its usefulness is a nullified point. While modern life has certainly changed the day-to-day threats that the American people face, it does not mean that the sanctity of your home or your person should be left undefended. Our founding fathers understood how important it was to enable each individual citizen with the delegated power needed to defend themselves.

On a personal level, it is important to remember that it is your right to own firearms and it is your responsibility to use them as intended. Be sure to safely store your firearms when they are not in use, and continue to stay up to date on any changes in firearm laws in your state.

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