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What Does An “Umbrella Insurance Policy” Mean?

When it comes to insurance, there a wide range of phrases and policies that most people are either unaware of, or don’t know exactly what they entail. One of the terms that gets thrown around a bit but many people aren’t familiar with is umbrella policies. What is an umbrella insurance policy? This type of […]

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Reasons to Work with Associated Services in Insurance

When companies that deal with firearms and ammunition look for insurance they find that Associated Services in Insurance (ASI) is their perfect choice. ASI serves many different clients, including shooting ranges, gun shops, ammunition manufacturers, and even outfitters and hunting guides. ASI has access to multiple insurance carriers, and by specializing in firearms and ammo, […]

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Why the Gun Tax in Seattle is Wrong

Seattle, Washington, a large and booming city, is planning to implement a mandatory sales tax on all sales of firearms and ammunition. Though Seattle is labeling this as a “gun violence tax,” many citizens of the city believe the tax is illegal and unfair. By implementing a tax on firearms, Seattle is hoping to decrease […]

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Protect Your Business with The Right Insurance!

When starting a business, one of the most confusing decisions you have to make is what insurance to get for your employees. There are so many options that it’s hard to really pick just one that fits your company the best. This especially holds true for companies that specialize in Firearms and Ammunition considering the […]

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