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Understanding Errors and Omissions Insurance

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Business insurance is essential for any company, but especially those in the firearms industry. Nevertheless, as you’re shopping around for business insurance, you’ll find a variety of types. Here, we discuss errors and omissions insurance to determine if this type of business insurance is right for you. What is errors and omissions insurance? Also known […]

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Aggregate vs. Per-Occurrence Limit

insurance claim paper with pen on top

As you’re shopping around for business insurance, there will be many factors for you to consider. Different plans will have different rates and coverages. They may even have different kinds of payment limits. Aggregate limits and per-occurrence limits are the two main types of payment limits you may see when shopping for business insurance. Here, […]

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Why Gun Ranges Need to Have the Right Insurance Plans in Place

14 Jul 2022 | Under Business Insurance | Posted by | 0 Comments |

Most gun range owners go to great lengths to make their facilities as safe as possible. They hang up signs warning customers about staying safe at all times, install fire extinguishers for unforeseen incidents, and speak at length to those who come through their doors about keeping an eye and ear out for trouble. However, […]

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How to Find the Right Business Insurance for Firearm-Related Companies

Business Insurance

Are you searching for insurance for your firearm-related business? Whether you’re a gun manufacturer or own a shooting range, it’s important that you have the right kind of insurance in place, just in case an accident ever occurs or one of your products malfunctions while a customer is using it. Here are some tips that […]

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An Overview of Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

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Associated Services in Insurance helps businesses in the firearms-related industries find the right insurance packages for their needs. One type of insurance that’s of particular interest in this regard is Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI). What is EPLI? EPLI covers a business if and when an employee (or employees) files a claim against them because […]

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What Does An “Umbrella Insurance Policy” Mean?

When it comes to insurance, there a wide range of phrases and policies that most people are either unaware of, or don’t know exactly what they entail. One of the terms that gets thrown around a bit but many people aren’t familiar with is umbrella policies. What is an umbrella insurance policy? This type of […]

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The Importance of Having Insurance in the Firearms Industry

sideview of someone holding gun

Whether you manufacture firearms and ammunition or you own a gun shop, making sure you have the proper insurance is essential for a number of reasons. Even if your business takes the necessary safety precautions, there is always a chance that human error could cause an accident. Human error Human error is one of the […]

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Questions to Ask When Renewing Your Business Insurance

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Business insurance should evolve to meet your needs. That’s what makes the business insurance renewal period such a great opportunity to reassess your insurance needs. So, when it’s time to renew your business insurance, ask yourself the following questions: Have you moved? Did your business move to a new space, town, or even state? Then […]

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Understanding Specialized Commercial Insurance For Firearm Businesses

insurance agent and client shaking hands over table

Some commercial insurance companies offer specialized packages for various businesses as well as coverage for special risks. This is a guarantee of protection in the event of certain circumstances; the insurance company would reimburse the company and the customer. Why Do You Need This? If your business faces special risks that aren’t typical for a […]

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What Does Business Insurance Cover?

Business man standing under roof during storm

Many business owners labor over the idea of getting business insurance, often feeling the expenses are too burdensome. But those who feel that way should rethink their decision and make having insurance an integral item in every budget. Business insurance is more than a luxury, it’s a necessity that can protect your business. Below are […]

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