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Why the Gun Tax in Seattle is Wrong

Gun TaxSeattle, Washington, a large and booming city, is planning to implement a mandatory sales tax on all sales of firearms and ammunition. Though Seattle is labeling this as a “gun violence tax,” many citizens of the city believe the tax is illegal and unfair.

By implementing a tax on firearms, Seattle is hoping to decrease the amount of violence caused by guns by making it financially harder to obtain one. The profit that they will make by collecting tax money from the sales of firearms and ammunition will go towards research and anti-violence programs. By adding the tax, money will go towards educating firearm owners, while also providing hospitals more money to help treat gunshot victims, as well as funding for programs to prevent firearm-related incidents.

Another aspect of this new tax on firearms and ammunition is that gun owners must report lost or stolen firearms to the police.

While the tax might sound good in theory, many citizens of Seattle feel as if this imposition is unfair to the responsible firearm owners in the area; they feel that they are taking the brunt of the hit from the actions of people who illegally obtain guns and ammunition. These same citizens also feel that the city is violating a state law by implementing additional taxes on firearms.

Rather than pass a tax that penalizes responsible, well-meaning firearm owners, why not create programs that crack down on the illegal trade of firearms? The tax seems to be misguided, at best.

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