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Reasons to Work with Associated Services in Insurance

Firearms Industry When companies that deal with firearms and ammunition look for insurance they find that Associated Services in Insurance (ASI) is their perfect choice. ASI serves many different clients, including shooting ranges, gun shops, ammunition manufacturers, and even outfitters and hunting guides.

ASI has access to multiple insurance carriers, and by specializing in firearms and ammo, it can help clients get the best rates and best coverage to meet their needs. For instance, ASI’s associated carriers write product liability policies, as well as property, umbrella coverage, and ocean cargo ones, among others.

The President of CZ-USA, Inc., had this to say about working with ASI’s Trent Yager: “Our general liability premiums are a major part of our business, and with Trent’s experience through negotiation of insurance contracts in the firearms industry, premiums were dropped nearly 30%. Trent also performed a coverage audit and found many discrepancies in our coverages, which were improved during our premium reduction.”

Did you know ASI represents over 500 different manufacturers in the firearms and ammo industries? Furthermore, ASI represents nearly every insurance carrier that deals with firearms and ammo. Indeed, ASI is the largest independent insurance agent of its kind to specialize in these unique industries. Over time, ASI has built a solid reputation by helping many businesses find the best insurance packages.

ASI continually works to find insurance carriers who not only have the desire to accept the firearms industry, but the ability to as well. Because of this, ASI has new Workers Compensation Insurance markets available across the country and represents importers, exporters and distributors in all 50 states.

Operating out of Missouri, and in business for well over a decade, ASI offers a free initial consultation by calling 1-877-776-4015.

Associated Services in Insurance is run by gun insurers who are also gun owners, gun users, and strong supporters of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution which reads: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”