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Why Independent Insurance Agencies Are Better Equipped to Help Their Clients’ Needs

19 Dec 2018 | Under Business Insurance | Posted by | 0 Comments |
Independent Insurance Agencies

Insurance agencies fall into one of two categories. There are independent insurance agencies that work with a variety of insurance companies, and there are captive insurance agencies that represent just one specific insurance company. There are many advantages that come along with using an independent insurance agency for your company’s needs, especially if you’re in a firearms related industry. Here are a few ways in which independent insurance agencies are able to better serve their customers.

Provide more insurance options for customers

Independent insurance agencies can pick and choose which insurance companies they want to work with. They’re then able to provide their customers with more insurance options based on their specific needs. Independent insurance agents won’t have to spend time selling people on different types of insurance. Instead, they can focus on finding them the right kind of insurance for their company.

Work more closely with customers to answer insurance questions

Those seeking insurance usually have a lot of questions about their different coverage options. Independent insurance agencies can take the time to offer up unbiased answers so that customers can make the best decision with regards to their insurance needs. Customers feel a lot more confident pulling the trigger on obtaining an insurance policy when they receive all the necessary information from an independent insurance agency.

Offer continued support down the line for customers’ insurance needs

Customers’ insurance needs are constantly changing. What worked for a company six months or a year ago might not work for them anymore. Independent insurance agencies recognize this and will provide continued support for customers so that they always have the best possible insurance policies. Independent insurance agencies work hard on behalf of their customers to make sure they’re always covered.

Associated Services in Insurance is an independent insurance agency that can help those in the firearms industry obtain property insurance, product liability insurance, and more. We strive to educate our customers about the different types of insurance available to them and set them up with the policies they need. Call us at 816-229-4450 today to see how we can assist you.