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Firearm Safety Rules for Shooting Ranges

Firearm Safety Rules for Shooting Ranges

For many Americans, a day spent at a shooting range is a day well-spent. That’s only the case, however, if that shooting range has the proper safety precautions in place. Guns, after all, are weapons, and if your gun range doesn’t have appropriate safety rules, it could lead to a disaster.  

Here are a few firearm safety rules that your shooting range should implement in order to keep your customers safe: 

Firearms should be unloaded when not in use 

A gun should only be loaded when a customer is in a shooting area. Other than that, it should remain unloaded at all times. Make your customers load and unload their guns only when they’re in the shooting booth, and then when a gun is returned to you, check to see if it’s properly unloaded. 

Provide eye and ear protection 

Providing the proper protection to your customers will ensure that if something does go wrong with their gun, it doesn’t harm them too severely. Ear protection will prevent any form of hearing loss, while shooting glasses can guard their eyes against debris. Do not let these be optional; instead, require that every customer wears some form of eye and ear protection while handling a firearm. 

Go through proper firearm safety before letting people out onto the range 

Whether it’s in the form of a pamphlet or a demonstration, make sure that your customers receive plenty of instructions on how to properly handle a firearm before they go out onto the range. Teach them, for instance, how to hold a gun when not in use (pointing it in a safe direction) and that they should keep their fingers off of the trigger until they are ready to shoot. The more knowledgeable someone is about their guns, the less likely it will be that an accident occurs later on. 

With these safety rules in place, you will be better able to prevent dangerous incidents from occurring at your shooting range. However, nobody is perfect, and there is still a good chance of an accident even with the proper safety precautions. To further protect yourself, then, all shooting ranges should invest in quality firearms insurance. Here at Firearms Insurance Agent, we can walk you through different types of insurance and show you which insurance policies would be best for your gun range. Call us at 816-229-4450 today to get started.