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A Brief Overview of Ocean Cargo Insurance

13 Sep 2017 | Under Ocean Cargo Insurance | Posted by | 0 Comments |
Ocean Cargo Insurance

Ocean cargo insurance is an important tool for many businesses that are involved in shipping raw or manufactured goods internationally. Increasingly, even smaller businesses may be sourcing goods or materials from other countries. This is an overview of ocean cargo insurance and how it can benefit your business.

While ocean shipping is a common and necessary component of the production cycle for many businesses, it also introduces risks as well. There are many things that can happen while the cargo is being transported across open seas, including weather-related damage, handling damage, cargo loss during storms or accidents, and piracy.

Ocean cargo insurance falls under the umbrella of ocean marine insurance. Ocean cargo insurance is a special policy designed to cover businesses against loss while goods or materials are being transported by ship. This insurance covers manufactured items or materials up until the time they are delivered to their final destination.

Optional coverage with ocean cargo insurance varies between carriers, but is sometimes necessary depending on your business needs. Examples of optional coverage include insurance for changes in valuation, sales samples, warehouse extension, concealed damage, and contingent liability.

Ocean shipping is complex, and choosing the right insurance to meet the needs of your business is critical. Failure to purchase the right policy could be devastating to many businesses in the event of a loss.

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