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4 Workplace Safety Tips for Firearm Retailers

4 Workplace Safety Tips for Firearm Retailers

Workplace safety is a top priority for all employers, but especially for firearm retailers. After all, firearms are weapons, and they bring with them their own risks. As such, firearm retailers need to create a safe workplace environment not only for their employees, but for their customers as well.

Administer firearm safety training

Whether you allow individuals to use firearms on your premises or not, firearm safety training is a must. Employees, especially new hires, must learn how to properly handle all of the firearms that go in and out of your store. If you have a range, then customers should also go through a quick firearm safety training before they’re allowed to fire any guns.

Have safety rules and clearly communicate them

Every firearm retailer should have safety rules in place. This is slightly different from safety training, as safety rules determine what can and cannot be done on your premises. These rules should also be clearly communicated to employees and customers. Hang posters around your shop or hand out pamphlets to your customers and employees to keep them in the know.

Review and revise your rules and training

Safety rules and safety training programs should be dynamic, not static. They need to change with the times and the store environment. If, for instance, you added a range recently, then you’ll need to update your rules and training procedures accordingly. Doing so will ensure that employees and customers are kept safe no matter the changes to your store.

Have on-site medical equipment

No matter how many precautions you take, accidents can still happen. When they occur, you need to be prepared. Have on-site medical equipment to take care of any injuries, big or small, so that you can limit the damage that has been done. The NSSF recommends having first-aid kits, an eye-wash station, and even an AED (automatic electronic defibrillator) on-site.

With the proper workplace safety procedures in place, firearm retailers will be able to better prevent a dangerous incident. However, there is always the risk of an accident occurring. To protect yourself and your business, Firearms Insurance Agent can help you invest in quality firearms insurance. Contact us today to learn more.