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Firearms Are Part of America’s Fabric

Firearms in AmericaWhether or not you choose to admit it, America is a gun country, but that’s not a bad thing. Despite what you may see on TV or hear on the radio during news programs, guns in America are as natural as the sea breeze or the wind on a mountaintop somewhere in the Adirondacks. Why sully the beauty of what is natural and real in our hands? The only way to deal with it is to admire it, but also make it safer for everyone involved – and that doesn’t entail taking guns away or making them illegal, but educating every man, woman, and child on gun culture and the proper way of handling one. By learning how to handle guns, you are learning to become a better person; yes, we said it. The statistics back it up as discussed in this article from


Jennifer Cruz writes, “A study recently commissioned by the National Gun Victims Action Council revealed a sobering yet not too surprising conclusion: Armed citizens usually perform better in a self-defense scenario when they are equipped with proper gun training and ongoing education.”


That makes sense. You see, it’s all about the education. The study was conducted by researchers at Mount St. Mary’s University and the test subjects were people of varying gun experience. The researchers put them through a police training simulator in regards to three scenarios – a carjacking, an armed robbery and suspected larceny. The researchers were measured by their reactions. The test subjects who had experience with guns performed astronomically better than those with little to no experience. What this means is that despite these people not holding guns during the scenarios; they were still able to pick up signs of danger and reacted accordingly.