Associated Services in Insurance (ASI) can protect your company and reduce the risks associated with operating a business in the firearms and ammunition industry by offering comprehensive product liability firearms insurance. If an individual attempts to take legal action against your business by claiming you delivered an unsafe product, your firearms business insurance will really come in handy. At ASI, we are a licensed gun range insurance agency with the knowledge and experience it takes to tailor insurance policies to our clients’ unique needs.

Product liability is something you should take very seriously if you work in the firearms and ammunition industry. Every year, companies lose millions of dollars as a result of lawsuits filed against them. Recently, many businesses have even tried to petition lawmakers to take protective measures on their behalf. The good news is, you can get all the protection you need in the form of firearms insurance. When you purchase firearms business insurance from ASI, we’ll design a specialized policy to cover you in case you’re ever hit with a lawsuit.

No matter how safe your products are, there are always going to be consumers who will be quick to take legal action against you if they even suspect you might have been responsible for an accident or injury. With firearms insurance from ASI, you won’t have to worry about these unfortunate scenarios.

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